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A better future
A better future
Homecare Solutions Ltd
 Homecare Solutions Ltd


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Throughout the UK local authorities play a large role in the allocation and refferal of services to providers like ourselves.


As an organisation we offer care to customers funded by social servicies and those who fund privately. 


Our services are provided in the following way :

  • Homecare during the day 7am till 10pm


  • Working night 10pm till 7am 
    • (Carer will be awake all night and this is for customers that may need frequent attention)


  • Sleep in 10pm till 7am
    •  (Carer will require the use of a bed and will be expected to sleep. However if the carer is woken more than twice in one night, this will then be deemed as a working night and will be invoiced accordingly)





We offer live-in-care in the North West and Middlands. We also offer live in care to other areas in England and Wales depending on time constraints and requirements.


Only the very best carers are chosen to join the Homecare Solutions' family. Each one is friendly, enthusiastic and expertly trained, and will be completely dedicated to your needs. Whether it’s cooking your favourite meals or helping with bathing or getting dressed, your live-in carer will offer you constant care and companionship, and will be on hand, day or night.






For any further information on our services, please fill in your details on our contact us page or send us an email or contact us by phone.

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