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A better future
A better future
Homecare Solutions Ltd
 Homecare Solutions Ltd

Homecare Solutions Ltd: a short summary

Your place. Your care. Your way.


Our Culture:

Homecare Solution is a family oriented businesss with the main aim to improve the quality of care against quantity or profits. We always pay attention to the individualisation of our services and treat you with respect and dignity irrepective of your race, religion or culture. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our business culture. We always make sure we work with you, and for you to ensure you are left happy. 




Our approach

As our name suggests, we provide care for you in your own home. On initial refferal, we set up an appointment to visit you in your home to discuss the minor areas of dificulties you face. From this we can establish a care plan individually tailored to your needs. This can include the assistance of a social services representetive if required.


We always strive to make every experience unique for each individual to make sure that your needs are catered for.


We will work in partnership with other service providers to make sure that we work together with the collective aim to promote and provide independence.




Our team

All our team go through an extensive recruitment process covering full DBS checks, knowledge and experience checks, as well as training as standard to ensure you always meet the best. 


We dedicate our time in actively seeking out better ways of doing things as there is always room for improvement. 

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